BC Election 2017

Introducing The BC Election Centre

As you may be aware, a provincial election is is less than a year away in British Columbia and I'm happy to report that The Dark Horse Report is ready! Over the past few weeks I have been developing a dedicated page called the Election Centre which is aimed at keeping you informed as election day gets closer. The Election Centre will summarize recent election polling and information so you can easily stay informed. Click below to explore the Election Centre and be sure to check back regularly to keep up with the latest election info!

But Wait, There's More!

To complement the new Election Centre I have also published a political party page that gives a very brief breakdown of the parties in BC. Click below to explore the new page and learn a bit about each of the major parties, including my pick as Dark Horse Party of BC.  

Thanks for following and be sure to share with your friends. Also please feel free to email any thoughts or suggestions to info@thedarkhorse.report

Braden McMillian