One Meeting and Everyone is Invited

Everyone Get to Van City

Vancouver was buzzing with activity this past week as the Prime Minister was joined by his provincial and territorial counterparts for a First Minister's Conference. Such meetings used to occur on a regular basis but hadn't occurred under the Harper Administration since 2009. The primary objective of these meetings is to discuss important issues that concern both federal and provincial governments and how the separate governing bodies can work together to address the issues. This year's topic of concern: climate change. 

The Outcome Was Surprising

What do you get when you fill a room full of politicians? An agreement! (Bet you didn't see that one coming.) But by agreement we mean a shell of an agreement that has the potential to become something more. Prime Minister Trudeau called the talks "tremendously productive" and announced that the group of leaders had agreed on a carbon pricing strategy to help combat climate change. However, there was no agreement on what price should be set on carbon or how the pricing should be implemented. Nonetheless, an agreement to price carbon can be seen as progress and gives the provinces some guidance when creating provincial climate policies. 

Split up!

Trudeau went on to explain that the premiers are now splitting into groups to study four areas of climate change: carbon pricing, innovation and jobs, clean technology, and mitigation. After the groups look into their issues they are to report back with solutions and ideas in October. According to Trudeau, the group findings will be used to create a Canadian framework for clean growth and climate change. 

All work and a little play

While visiting the West Coast, Justin Trudeau was seen snowboarding down the slopes of Whistler where he stopped to take pictures with surprised skiers and boarders. The PM later praised the RCMP for being able to keep up with him on the slopes and for their continued efforts of keeping him and his family safe on their travels. 

In Other News...

The Senate Loses Its Sweet Tooth

Watch out Coca-Cola, the Senate isn't looking too thirsty! A Senate Committee declared that obesity in Canada is a real crisis that must be addressed in order to prevent the increase of Type 2 diabetes. One of their recommendations included a tax on sugary beverages and a ban on advertising aimed at children. The report also noted that two-thirds of adults and one-third of children in Canada are either overweight or obese. Health Minister, Jane Philpott, said she understands the ongoing problem and will work quickly to address the problem while considering the recommendations.

Someone Dropped an F-Bomb

Someone being BC's Energy Minister, Bill Bennett. Apparently things got a little heated in the BC Legislature which caused Bennett to drop an F-Bomb which was then repeatedly dropped by NDP MLA Norm Macdonald. The two were also reportedly separated after a confrontation in the hallway. Bennett later apologized for his actions saying he was "mortified" and "disappointed" in the use of the word. It might not be professional but at least he's passionate!

Thanks for reading.

Braden McMillian