Trudeau Has a New BFF

It's About Time, Eh?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the trip down to Washington, DC this week after being invited to a US state dinner. This might not sound very exciting, but in terms of political dinners it’s a big deal and considered a huge privilege to be the guest of honour. In fact, invitations to a state dinner are such a rarity that it had been nearly 20 years since the last Canadian PM was invited. President Obama joked "it's about time, eh" as the leaders spoke with each other and discussed the longstanding friendship held between the two countries.  

Agreement Made

While Obama acknowledged that while the two leaders could not agree on whose country has the best beer or plays better hockey, there was an important agreement made. Obama and Trudeau issued a joint statement saying that the two sides had agreed to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 40 to 45 per cent below 2012 levels by 2025. Both leaders spoke of the importance of addressing the climate change issue and agreed that there needs to be cooperation to protect the environment.

Watch as Obama and Trudeau share jabs and kind words with one another. 

In Other News...

Trudeau Celebrates Women's Day 

To mark International Women's Day, Trudeau announced that an iconic Canadian woman would be featured on a bank note starting in 2018. What was not mentioned however, was which woman it would be. Instead, Trudeau spoke of "a long line of strong women who have stepped up time and time again to make history against all odds.” He also cautioned that "the job isn't done yet" and that there is still a need for further progress in areas such as access to childcare and pay equity. 

The House Had an New Speaker 

NDP Leader, Tom Mulcair, called it a "rare moment of grace" as the House of Commons saw Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger become an Honorary Speaker on Wednesday. Bélanger is a political veteran who has long desired the position of Speaker of the House of Commons, but had to withdraw his candidacy late last year after losing the use of his voice as a result of the devastating disease known as ALS. The Honorary Speaker was brought to tears as he seamlessly directed the House through the use of a computerized voice on an iPad. 

Congratulations Mr. Speaker, you deserve it!

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Braden McMillian