#ElectionToRemember Contest

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you had a Justin Trudeau bobblehead? Well, wish no more because this is your opportunity to take home a bobblehead of Canada's Prime Minister. What's the catch? It's simple! Just pledge to vote in the upcoming BC provincial election and you will be automatically entered to win one of three Dark Horse Report Election Packages which include a bobblehead of JT. 

Why the Contest? 

In the last provincial election just 42% of all eligible voters aged 18 to 34 actually bothered to vote. This time around we are doing our part to try and raise awareness of the upcoming election and help encourage young people to get out and vote on May 9th. And hey, who doesn't want a smiling Trudeau bobblehead as a bonus?

After pledging to vote, registrants will be sent an email on May 8th to remind them of their pledge and to provide them with useful voting tips. And hey, who doesn't want a smiling Trudeau bobblehead as a bonus??




Pledge to vote in BC's 41st General Election before election day (May 9th, 2017) by visiting electiontoremember.ca

Contest closes at 8:00pm PST on May 9th 2017.



All Voter Pledges must be submitted before 8:00pm PST on May 9th 2017. All pledges received after this time will not be counted. All tweets posted after 8:00 PST May 9th 2017 will not be counted. Three (3) prize packages will be given to randomly selected contestants who have pledged to vote online at electiontoremember.ca. Contest is open to all British Columbia residents who are the age of majority (18) on or before May 9th 2017. No purchase necessary, skill testing question required.

The Dark Horse Report and it's contributors are not liable for any technological error or other factors that may prevent someone from successfully entering the contest. All participants agree to be contact by email by The Dark Horse Report and may opt out at any time. All personal information including email addresses will be kept confidential and not shared or sold to any 3rd party. The Dark Horse Report and contributors do not publicly support or endorse any political party. Who you vote for and when you vote do not affect chances of winning and are not relevant to this contest. There is no guarantee of winning any prize even if all steps are successfully completed. The odds of winning depend on the number of entrants received.

Contest winner will be contacted on May 15th 2017 by email as provided in the vote pledge. 

 All questions or concerns can be submitted to info@thedarkhorse.report