Who is Braden McMillan?

Braden is a Vancouver based blogger, political enthusiast, and a huge news junkie. His interest in social and political issues led him to complete a Diploma in Criminal and Social Justice before achieving a B.A. in Political Science from UBC Okanagan. After graduation, Braden moved to the Lower Mainland to study Public Relations at SFU and is now proud to call Vancouver home.

Braden has previously worked for Elections Canada and has been actively involved with federal, provincial, and municipal election campaigns. He continues to volunteer in both the private and public sectors and has a passion for discussing ongoing domestic and international affairs. He decided to created The Dark Horse Report after hearing voters complain of feeling confused about what was going on in their political system. Braden hopes to provide an easy to follow medium that can be understood by the average Canadian and help increase interest and awareness of Canadian politics. 

What's in the Blog?

Politics, but simplified.
Each month two to three 'Reports' will be published which analyse recent key events and issues involving Canadian politics. These Reports are broken down into an easy to understand format that's both interesting and informative. Additional articles aimed at explaining the overall political process, including interviews with political and community leaders, will also be published periodically. While this probably sounds quite boring, it's my goal to make it as engaging and easy to follow as possible to help increase Canadian political engagement. 

Can it Get Any Easier? 

Yes it can! Simply subscribe and receive the latest Reports straight to your inbox. Reports will typically be delivered Monday mornings so you can start your week feeling informed. 

What's With the Name?

The term ‘dark horse’ has traditionally been used in politics to describe a candidate who is relatively unknown but yet is unexpectedly elected into office. However, since many Canadians can't even name their local representative, this term can technically be applied to numerous politicians currently in office. While they may not be true 'Dark Horses' as per the traditional definition, they are nonetheless dark horses in the eyes of many voters. The blog uses this term to emphasize the strong disinterest Canadians have toward politics and hopes to help shed light on the many dark horses in the political system. 


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